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Brazilian reef fish fauna: checklist and remarks (update: jan 2003)
100 of the world’s worst invasive alien species: a selection from the global invasive species database.
A ameaça das gramíneas exóticas à biodiversidade. In: O cerrado pé-de-gigante (Parque Estadual de Vassununga, São Paulo) – Ecologia e Conservação.
A burst of feral cats in the Diamantina - a lesson for the management of pest species?
A case of hermaphroditism in the freshwater invading bivalve Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857) (Mytilidae) from Río de la Plata, Argentina
A case study of human dimensions in invasion and control of alien plants in the personnel villages of Kruger National Park. In: The great reshuffling: human dimensions of invasive alien species (McNeely, J. A., ed.).
A century of the ornamental plant trade and its impact on invasion success.
A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates.
A community approach to invasive species management: some Pacific case studies.
A complete guide to the freshwater fishes of Southern Africa. | Brasil